Hair Loss

Hair Consultation

A 60 minute in depth hair loss consultation with our Doctor. During this appointment, we discuss medical history and lifestyle factors that might be causing hair loss, as well as potential treatment options. Price is redeemable against a treatment.



TrichoTest DNA Test 

DNA test investigating genetic causes of hair loss. Medication can be personalised based on results. This test can be performed during the consultation. Please note the price quoted is for the test alone and does not include the price of personalised medication.



Scalp Microneedling

Using the Skinpen microneedling device, we target areas of thinning hair. With multiple micro-injections, we trigger the body's natural healing response, boosting collagen production and stimulating hair growth. 

Best results seen after 3-6 sessions.


1 session - £350

3 sessions - £875

6 sessions - £1300

Scalp PRP

Your blood is taken, spun and the plasma, the part of the blood rich in growth factors and nutrients, is injected into areas where hair is thinning. This leads to collagen production and stimulates the hair follicles.

1 session - £450

3 sessions - £1125

6 sessions - £1750